Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sad State of Affairs

It is a sad state of affairs when everything you own can fit into four totes and two coolers. Nine years in this house and four totes!!

We haven't sold the house but have packed up all our personal items just in case it sells while we are farther south. Gloria and Dennis have offered to take the totes to their spare bedroom, if need be.

We are leaving everything else for the new owners, if we are so lucky to sell. Someone could move in the day they buy and be quite comfortable. Most sellers in Mexico leave their furniture, TVs and dishes just because it is too much of a hassle to get it home. It took nine years to get it down and would probably take just as long to get it back to Canada.

But, four totes!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Something Borrowed

We played our first round of golf this morning and because the club house doesn't have any carts to rent we borrowed Gloria and Dennis's. We walk the course often but right now the heat is a deterrent.

We felt like royalty cruising down the road on our way to the waving like the Queen, but royalty nevertheless.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Look Who Won!

Tonight was the first Pink Night in support of the Cancer Walk of San Carlos. Usually Fred and I work this function, but have decided to back away this year.

It is a lot more fun to sit on the sidelines than it is selling the 50/50 tickets!!

We were able to visit many old friends and have a great meal....and on top of that I won the pink roses that were sponsored by a local florist shop.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Little Change in Our Lives

A year ago we decided that we wanted to keep visiting other places and countries for as long as we could and to accomplish this we thought we should sell our San Carlos house. On Wednesday of this week we made the move!

We have had a few people asking questions, but most are Canadian and the exchange rate is killing them so we may keep owning this house for longer than we would like. Keep your fingers crossed.

Perfect Beach Weather

We had been in San Carlos for a week before we had a chance to relax at a near-by restaurant. The old Fiesta Inn across from our house has been renovated and is now open. We gave that place a try on Saturday and had a burning mouth for hours after! Their salsa was extremely hot and spicy, but so good. 

The wandering bands were out in full force, some with excellent music and some not so fantastic.

Not content with that little outing, we headed to the Soggy Peso on Sunday with friends. The weather was ideal for kite boarding giving us something to watch for hours. Yes, we were forced to stay for hours!!

The conversation flowed almost as freely as the beer and margaritas!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

At it Again

We left Eatonia on Monday, October 23rd with hopes of arriving in San Carlos on Sunday, October 29th.

Our route will be much the same as always with the exception of our layover to see Diane. We have decided to do our grocery shopping in Tucson so will spend two days there stocking up for Mexico.

We can't buy a lot as our car is filled to the brim already but there are a few necessities that we will pick up.

So far the driving weather has been perfect with very little wind and lots of sunshine. We arrived in Layton, Utah yesterday afternoon to 20C temperatures.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Walking Tours

Thirty one kilometres! That is what we walked yesterday when we followed the Freedom Trail stopping at places like Paul Revere's House and the USS Constitution.

It was an interesting walk, but neither of us are truly knowledgeable in US history so we had to stop and read every sign to really understand what we were looking at.

We walked through Little Italy and will make a point of going back for a meal. The smells were incredible! 

We took an hour's break before walking to Fenway Park to see the ball diamond (and the game). We tried to grab a prime seat at the Bleacher Bar before the game but it seems that you have to have your name on a list to be seated. The Bleacher Bar is one of a kind with the front of the bar open directly to the playing field. It is so popular that they limit the time that people can spend in the open area.

The Jays won the game and that in itself was exciting. Sportsnet always talks about how many people follow the Jays on the road and we were witness to that yesterday. Oodles of  Blue Jay clothing and support.