Sunday, January 7, 2018

Special Birthday

A week or so ago we saw the dancing horses going by our apartment so in true form we followed them.

They were part of a celebration in the local church...we think it was the 15th birthday of one of the rider's daughters. Fifteenth birthdays are very special in Mexico and families spend their hard earned money in celebrating. This family obviously wouldn't have any trouble paying for the occasion.

The fifteen year old daughter is blessed in the church and then the parties start. They go from early in the afternoon and continue late into the evening with entertainment throughout.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

With A Group

A group of our friends from La Parota, along with Fred and I, golfed San Pancho yesterday. It was a fun day, some great shots, some poorer shots and some cart aerobics.

There were eight of us so we split into two groups to keep the waiting time down to a minimum.

I have been golfing pretty good lately with a few birdies, but when it is just Fred and I we don't even think of the birdie juice. Mike had some juice along, just in case, and so when we met after the round we had to celebrate my birdie with a shot of sherry. I think I like Billee's birdie juice better...she uses Butter Ripple Schnapps, a much easier drink to get down!

A fun day with a great Italian meal afterward.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Favourite People

My two favourite people on the just sits and enjoys the activity and the other sells me all the sour gummies I want! And, no, that isn't me in the bathing suit!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Beach Time

We don't often sit on the beach, but we do go look at it occasionally. Today we took the bus to Sayulita, a neighbouring town 15 kms from us. It is known as an old hippie town....I look at it as where old hippies go to relive the 60s and 70s. Not very successfully either! Might be time to accept the fact that they are too old to skateboard down the main drag. The long greasy hair is not pretty either!

Now that my rant is over...Sayulita is a short distance from Puerto Vallarta so the town swells with many day-trippers checking out the famous surfing waters. We talked to one shop owner and she said many of the homes are owned by Mexicans from Guadalajara and this is their weekend to come check their rentals. Another reason why the beaches are overcrowded.

I have been here before with friends, but this was a first for Fred and he was not thrilled.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dusty Days

We have been in San Pancho twenty five days today and have driven the car twice. We walk or take the bus whenever we want to go some place and like I mentioned before, the car sits right beside the main drag and gathers dust! And gathers more dust! And leaves! And bird droppings!

The Mexicans have been loving the car, writing in the dust and today we found that they even put it up for sale. They wanted 10, 500 Pesos or about $725 Cdn!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moving Day # 1

We knew when we booked this two bedroom apartment last summer that we left the booking too late. The result of this is that we have to move to a one bedroom in the same complex for ten days.

After the Christmas break we move back to this apartment for another three weeks...complicated but entirely our own fault.

The problem is that we have so much stuff that it will take us a couple of hours to make the transfer and we have to go up another 18 steps with each and every load!

Why do we have so much stuff?  A lot of it was food left from San Carlos that we couldn't leave there because of putting the house up for sale, some stuff is going to be left in Puerto Aventuras and some is for our use here [Shaw Direct/Bose/Sirius etc]. We travel around too much!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Learning a New Sport

Yesterday afternoon we walked to La Patrona Polo Grounds here in San Pancho to watch a polo tournament. It was the 10th anniversary celebration so there were many invited guests along with the few of us who just wandered in.

In no way were we treated any differently than the ultra rich guests, other than they had reserved seating....very impressed with that. The lady with the cap is just getting ready to throw the ball to start the game.

The game is usually played on the two large sodded fields but because of the rain the tournament was moved to the sand field to protect the horses. They were worried about the horses slipping on the turf and injuring themselves.

We had a wonderful time watching and learning and sipping on free Stella beer. Trust Fred to find the free stuff!  

We were going to walk back this afternoon [Sunday] for the finals, but the rains have started again and it is quite the chore to get there without walking through huge water beds. Yesterday some guy in a truck gave us a ride through the worst of the water and for that we were grateful.